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By | May 11, 2019

Find all epfo UAN Member Portal services, features benefits and also about UAN Number latest news about epf India. UAN Status, activation, reset the uan password, helpdesk, etc.


UAN member Portal vs epfo Portal Vs UAn employer Portal


Those 3 are different types and different purpose don’t confuse with each other. One employee one epf account portal and UAn helpdesk Portal inoperative accounts and other etc hold by epfindia.gov.in.

UAn employer portal only for employers to make payments, new company/establishment registration with epfo. adding the New employee to epfo scheme and others etc.

OEOEA One employee one epf account Portal: Helps existing pf members to combine all pf accounts into one Up to 10 Pf accounts. 

main benefits: easy to manage to get higher interest and eps balance from epfo. getting interested dormant pf accounts which are older than 36 Months.

Inoperative accounts help the Pf holders withdrawal their money within 3 years in case of a person dead, deceased etc.



UAN services

  1. Pf transfer
  2. Pf withdrawal
  3. epf balance check by uan passbook.
  4. epfo claim status related to pf transfer and withdrawals.
  5. Update KYC (Address change, PAN, Aadhaar Update, seed bank details) all these required documents uploads.
  6. Profile Update change email, address, reset the forgotten password, update new Mobile Number.
  7. Changing Basic Pf details like Name, father /husband name, Date of birth more secured for this we have to contact region epf offices.

UAN Number advantages

  1. No need of employer sign for PF Transfer and withdrawal.
  2. Update KYC Online (don’t have to visit pf offies now all thing are done by electronically)
  3. Keep close track epf balance
  4. NO employer involvement

UAN employer Portal services

  1. Making Monthly payment online by SBI gateway
  2. UAN Member registration
  3. Bulk UAN Number generation
  4. Approving claims online without document validation with a digital signature


How to register on EPFO’s uan member Portal?

To register on uan portal for availing services like pf balance, transfer, withdrawal etc. the first member has to follow the these articles

  1. UAN status  (to know uan Number)
  2. UAN activation (To complete registration with UAN Portal and set login details like password and Username).



Requirements for UAN member Portal registration

  1. UAN Number
  2. PF Number
  3. AAdhar / PAN optional
  4. Name as same as on PF Account
  5. Father name
  6. Mobile Number

Document Id Number of PAN, aadhaar, Voter Id, DL, etc


How to download EPf / UAN passbook from UAN Portal?

2 things required you must have UAN Number. and It will activation or registered with UAN portal.

UAN number and password required to download the UAN passbook. it provides ultimate details of epf balance with the detailed transaction like employee & employer contribution along with accumulated monthly interest by epfo.

How to check claim status withing UAN Portal?

Just click claim menu on the uan member panel once you logged in the Portal. if any claims available then it will automatically display. even you can raise transfer and withdrawal request from uan portal.



PF Transfer on UAN Portal

This way easiest way, but knowing your eligibility for pf withdrawal or transfer is important.  Please Note that Pf Transfer is different from withdrawal.

Pf transfer to the same employee so name and date of the birth including father should match.

So transferring to the third party accounts not allowed.  withdrawing to the bank also requires same candidates details.


How to Login to UAN member Portal?

If You are first time user, then you have to go to the process knowing uan number and Activating it.

Then proceed to UAN Member Portal registration as mentioned in another post. after obtaining uan login details kindly visit uan portal again, enter your details and click on login.

You cannot download epf passbook from uan portal. because it overwhelmed my epfo members so it has the separate server to download the pf passbook to know epf balance.


KYC Update on UAN Member portal?

In order to update the new address on epfo earlier, we have to visit the pf office and it’s a bit lengthy process. Or submitting to the employer, not a guaranteed update.

for overcoming this issues epfo launched Uan portal, their members can upload variety to documents Including POI & POA and bank details. to check whether it updated not before withdrawing to the bank account.

In order to update KYC in UAn members Portal, Then employees have to liog to epfo Portal.

after successful login, click Update KYC and upload Propter documents by furnishing the Document Number.

What is & Why UAN Number?


In Mide of 2014, Narendra Modi introduced UAN Number to Link all pf account with One Unique Number that called Universal account Number aka UAN.

Its helps pf transfer hassle-free automatic transfer to when you join the new company. But DOE date Of exit should be Updated by your previous employer.

so still you fate on your employer. Before UAn employer signature or Approval required for pf transfer and withdrawal,.

By linking Aadhaar Number with UAn & pf account you can withdraw pf money to without employer signature.

Checking pf claim status On UAN member Portal

earlier we need to entire pf account details like pf Number, epfo officer, company code and registered Mobile Number

to know the pf claim status. but with the help of uan member Portal, we just need to enter Only 12 digits UAN number. It shows existing claims you made recently in any of your Pf accounts. also, you could know the epfo claims history made by you.

[2018]epf balance by uan epfo passbook download

check EPF balance There are a lot of ways to check epf balance via uan in from this year. anyway we cannot check pf balance by pf number. due to the massive increase of pf numbers of an employee in his career. Only one uan Number acts umbrella for epf accounts.


Here are 4+ways to know epf balance online 1 is at the unified portal and other one download uan passbook directly from epfo passbook portal.

Pf balance check with UAN Number

  1. SMS
  2. Missed call
  3. Passbook download
  4. UMang App epfo service



1. Know epf balance By UAN / epfo Portal?

The most popular way to download the epf passbook by uan number and Password. You can do this by two either from unified uan Portal login. downloading from epfindia.gov.in services for employees>> passbook etc.

  1. Visit the epf india.gov.in Portal because the epf passbook which helps to know epf balance available at epfo portal only.
  2. Click our service and then for employees.
  3. The also opt for passbook to know epf balance using uan on the epfo portal services menu.
  4. That will helps to land on Epf passbook download page.
  5. enter UAN Number and Passbook there to log in and download the epf balance details.  anyway, you can directly visit the epf passbook download page by using this URL https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp.

NOTE: Only Uan Activated Numbers can download after 6 hours of activation in case newly registered members.


2. Check epf balance by sending SMS UAN

employees have to send pf balance SMS from registered mobile, not from all numbers. SMS should be in below format

EPFOHO UAN ENG 7738299899

we can get pf balance in 7+ national & popular languages in India. telugu,Tamil,Hindi,Marathi,Gujarati etc.

NOTE: Only employees who already seeded bank details along with Aadhaar and PAN number to uan or epf accounts see the PF Balance by SMS & Missed call. May also not works for UAN passbook download.  To Update Pf details log in to uan portal and upload the documents to verify by the epfo officer.

3. pf balance by Missed call (UAN activation Required)

Just call this mobile Number (011-22901406) from Epfo registered mobile. If you are unable to get epf balance details SMS. be sure to check things profile update etc.

You can also change/update New mobile Number with epfo at uan member Portal.


4.USE Epf mobile app to track PF Balance

fist download the epf mobile (m-epf) from google play store. install it without wasting much time. it will ask for uan login or registration. this epf app has mainly 2 options for employees.

It helps for both employer and employees along with pensioners.

  1. epf balance/pf passbook
  2.  UAN registration (know /generation). (UAn Number, epf number, employer code required).

click on uan member passbook. then enter the Mobile Number and UAN Number to know epf balance.

How to know eps balance?

many of we unable see eps balance after pf transfer. many of employees reported eps money unable to transfer to the new employer. but the fact is eps balance stays with your Uan number or this will be available to withdrawal at the time retirement only.

After epf transfer, you may see eps balance as Zero. it means eps balance details need to recalculate by epfo after pf transfer. there is no issue for loss of eps. these details available with annexure K by sending details to the employer to epfo.



EPF statement / uan passbook download


the only way to download epf passbook or UAN passbook by login to the UAN Portal or epfo portal. earlier days there is a way to download pf passbook with pf number. but now we can download uan passbook with UAN Number and password. TO download uan passbook uan registration necessary.

downloading UAN passbook @ UAN member Portal

  1. visit uan member Portal website (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in).
  2. Scroll to login form Enter Your UAN Number and Password (if not registered go for registration, in case of forgot password, click on reset the uan password. later enter your uan & mobile number.
  3. After successful uan login, go the member dashboard. (services, profile, settings view/download).
  4. click on passbook download and save it as PDF file to view your epf balance.

What UAN / epf passbook contains?

  1. Last credited/contributed to date by employer and employee.
  2. Total epf balance accumulated every month with 8.7% interest rate by epfo.
  3. UAN member profile along with UAN Number etc.


Download epf / UAN Passbook directly?


epfo uan portal launched a new web application to know epf balance by downloading uan passbook. uan member no need log in for uan member portal. just visit uan passbook page. Enter your UAN Number and password and download the pf passbook with uan. Direct download passbook epf balance available here https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp.


Epfo balance Enquiry by TRRN?

whether to know your employer paid towards your epf account. then you have an option to know with TRRN Number.  this helpful for employers to know their payment status whether it received by epfo or not.


UAN Registration {in 2 steps }Activation Status UAN number generation


This is article is most helpful for new epfo members. because this article was written all guidelines everything from scratch for uan registration.


UAN Registration includes two Parts and further steps.

1st part is UAN status (to know uan Number) also members called as UAN generation but it generates by the employer with help of epfo.

The 2nd part is UAN Number activation / Registration.

For uan activation & status Number generation, all the employees have to visit uan member Portal which is unified for Both employer and employees.

But here I am giving URL access to only employees https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.


UAN status Know your UAN (Generation)

Earlier Pf Number is mandatory for checking UAN Number status. But Now it is optional. we can check uan number generation status by PAn and aadhaar Number. but Member details are required like name, email, mobile Number etc.

Here are 5 ways to Know your UAN number

  1. Ask your Employer
  2. Visit uan portal enter your PF Number 
  3. Aadhaar Number
  4. Pan card Number
  5. EKYC Aadhaar New UAN generation.

The quickest way to get your UAN & Activate for registration

  1. Visit UAN member Portal and click on Aadhaar based On UAn allotment.
  2. Enter Your aadhaar Number an OTP will be sent to uid linked mobile. Authorize.
  3. You will see the Newly generated UAN number with a reference Number.




Things required to Know UAN status & UAN Registration

  1. PF Member ID (aka pf number) it includes Regional epf Office, Establishment Id, Establishment Extension, Pf Number 
  3. PAN
  4. Epf Member Name *
  5. Date of Birth *  in DD/MM/YYYY  format.
  6. Mobile No. *
  7. Email Id

Verify the mobile number and with OTP and view the UAN Number status.


NOTE: UAN number will be sent your Mobile Number. epfo message contains epfo number & UAN Status either it active or Not.

Once You Know the UAN Number. Then ready for UAN registration to access all pf details including, pf transfer, epf passbook, etc.


UAN Activation / UAN Portal Registration

follow this flow chart

  1. UAN Member Portal>> Activate Your UAN >> enter any of the Pf,adhar, Pan>> Mobile,name,DOB>>verify OTP.
  2. Copy UAN Number and Set password minimum length of 8 Digits including Small, capital, letters, Numbers, and characters, etc.


detailed instructions.

Just follow the instructions as same as on the UAN Status page. if here only the fields epf Number changed with UAN Number of you already know the UAN.

Apart from this. you may not even know the UAN Number to activate or Registration of UAN member Portal. But we have to remember UAN Number and Password afterward the registration.

UAN login credentials to help log in to UAN member portal, update KYC, Profile details password, name, email etc.

Now you More and full control over the PF accounts, you can transfer, closet the PFD accounts, also list all pf accounts together UAN Number.

more advanced benefits coming soon by epfo. now epfo aimed settle claim within a day in couple hours up to 3.

anyway, do you query issues regarding UAN status/registration? feel free ask the question comment form.

UAN Registration

Problems in Knowing UAn and its activation status just contact the UAn helpdesk.


Epfo UAN Member Portal Registration Overview

after the launch of UAN portal 3.0, epfo member portal is closed due to its upgrade to uan portal. epfo portal registration similar to uan porta, but there is No UAN before it.

for every pf account, you need to register separately and check the balance by epf number only.

UAN Registration includes

  1. Knowing UAn Number (checking uan status)
  2. Activating UAN number
  3. Setting password After uan activation


  1. visit uan portal>>
  2. click on forgot password>>
  3. enter your UAn>>
  4. and mobile Number>>
  5. authorize OTP>>
  6. Set the New password for login.

UAN Registration benefits

  1. Keep a track of epf balance in all pf accounts.
  2. List all pf accounts associated with your UAn number
  3. (changed the job no problem) PF Automatically transfer to new pf account.
  4. Update KYC at uan member portal
  5. Initiate transfer request online to your bank
  6. claim settlement has done very fast.

Final words: everything is online no need to visit pf office with UAN Registration.

UAN Helpdesk update KYC Mobile Number reset password

UAN helpdesk portal mainly suitable for updating KYC issues, PF transfer delays, finding UAN Number, changing the date of Birth and Name, However, now we can change mobile Number and password without approaching the UAN helpdesk portal.

I don’t know why UAn helpdesk Portal deprecated by epfo. but all the issues solved at the new unified uan member portal. like said all above queries regarding.

  1. Mobile Number and password change in case of the mobile number lost,
  2. UAN number Generation and Registration
  3. Pf transfer /withdrawal issues
  4. epfo payment issues by employers
  5. Updating KYC especially Aadhaar and PAN bank details

if you are facing any NEW issue to contact the epfo helpdesk, Then Please do Comment below.


Ways to Contact  the EPFO helpdesk

  1. Bhavishya Nidhi Adalats Conducts at regional Pf every Month on 10th Please look at the Local newspaper.
  2. Contact the PRO Public relation officer of the EPFO and register your complaint.
  3. Find the PF office numbers at http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/Contact_us.php and call them.
  4. Call Toll free number  1800118005
  5. Email them on [email protected][email protected]
  6. File Grievance at uan helpdesk grievance portal epfigms.gov.in
  7. Send a Post not recommended
  8. Contact them on Twitter & facebook publicly

How to reset /change UAN login password?


  1. visit uan member Portal and click on forgot the password. this option will available on below the login form.
  2. click on forgot password>> Enter your UAN Number.
  3. Then UAN Portal asks you to confirm the mobile number which is already registered. if your mobile updates and it latest.
  4. then click on yes. (you may change the mobile number by clicking NO).
  5. An OTP will be sent you to Mobile Number. enter the OTP.

and reset a Strong password.


How to update Mobile Number in UAN helpdesk Portal epfo?

visit uan Portal>>forgot password>> or (after login >> profile >> change mobile number).

if you want to update the mobile number without login. then enter the following details.

  1. Name (should be matched the existing name as same as Epf passbook.)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. UAN Number
  4. New Mobile Number

Confirm the New Mobile Number with OTP.

uan helpdesk portal for one employee one pf account http://oeoea.epfoservices.com/UANDEDUP/

How to Update KYC  with epfo @ uan helpdesk Portal?

What kind of documents are approved

  1. Address Proof (Passport, Aadhaar card, driving license, voter id).
  2. ID Proof (Aadhaar card, Pan card)
  3. Tax Information 15g, 15h  or pan card


  1. By employer:
  2. at the epfo office:

UAN helpdesk Portal:

Update process>> Upload new document UAN Portal>> employer approval>> epf official approve>> update request approved.

Your changes will be reflected in 1 week or a couple of weeks.

uan helpdesk number contact

Toll-free Number (always busy patience required) 18001 18005 (9.15AM to 5.45PM) onwards.

Email Id : [email protected].

customer care:[email protected][email protected],

Twitter: https://twitter.com/socialepfo

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/socialepfo


Here is the list of epfo Portals for their services

Main epfo Portals  http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/,  http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/

UAN member Portal  https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

employer Portal https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/

claim portal OTCPfor employers; https://employerclaims.epfoservices.in/

Pensioner Portal


EPFO Online complaint registration process

visit the PF Grivencence Portal, https://epfigms.gov.in/

Click On register a grievance Select whether you are an EMPLOYER, PF MEMBER or pensioner.

Select PF Pffice, and enter yiur company derails Establish code & addresss.

Finally, write your query & Upload documents if necessary.

Check Uan Helpdesk status


After submitting the request you can track, the status of your support ticket on the same epfo grievance portal.


uan employer portal helpdesk

  1. related to making payment.
  2. Generating & Uploading ECR challan 2.0.
  3. New Employee registration with epfo.
  4. Bulk UAN Number generation by the employer
  5. Claim settlement issues
  6. Approving KYC for employees
  7. Approving PF transfer and withdrawal request etc

These are employer responsibilities to the epfo & employee.


UAN Helpdesk Facilities

  1. Know UAN
  2. Deactivating extra UAN
  3. EPF Passbook Issues
  4. Change Mobile Number,
  5. technical related issues
  6. KYC related issues
  7. UAN Member Portal errors
  8. PF Transfer & claim issues
  9. UAN Number linking