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By | July 20, 2018

There are many ways to do Aadhar card enquiry,  mainly 3 types. by name date of birth, EID, Aadhaar number. As of now, almost everybody got Aadhaar card in India. then no longer need to check, but new registrations are done every day you may be looking for update details. you may want to check correction status we have written a very detailed guide here.

Tracking of Aadhaar Status with the mobile number is not necessary anymore. we could it with adhar number and EID as well as. if we want to check correction details, we have to enter URN number it means Unique reference number by UIDAI India.

This is wide details article about check your uidai gov aadhaar status in many possible ways. almost 90% of registration is completed. for newborns, the permanent center already opened by UIDAI. Now people are busy with updating data and linking with pan, bank, gas etc.UIDAI also made an invention to make all payments by UPI based payments. but people are some people not aware of this and not interested so.

4+ ways to check aadhar status

  1. you can check Aadhaar card status by Enrolment number,
  2. phone number by calling Uidai Helpdesk toll free number.
  3. Other ways by the Mobile app, (Aadhhar official App will launch soon)
  4. by Name and Date of birth, ( Will be Available disabled for security reasons)
  5. phone number. etc may not works.
If you have aadhar or EID just go uidai
and follow checking option, otherwise read carefully!
you can know aadhaar no by EID Number.
Know your uid status by Mobile Number.
finally, your email & Full name 
you could do lot of things!

Note: You will never open it directly! , use yours postal pin Code to Security Password ( as per enrollment receipt ) to open it and tack print out.

Enter your enrollment number which is likely 1079/12345/00123  date & time 12/42/03. or use your Aadhaar number.
 Make sure that you have your enrolment number and the date time of enrolment with you in order to proceed for downloading the e-Aadhaar letter. These details can be found on the acknowledgment slip which you got from the enrollment center after enrolling for Aadhaar.
If you here for Checking aadhar correction status or downloading E aadhaar please Click on Above navigation. otherwise Read the Article Carefully!

by enrolment no only

Fill in your details like

  1. enrollment number,
  2. date time of enrollment,
  3. your name,
  4. your Pin Code 
  5. and the captcha code in the respective fields and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Note: For Aadhaar enquiry at uidiai.gov.in, Enter Enrollment ID And Captcha code to check Uid status.
Then you will be asked to verify your mobile number by displaying the last 4 digits of your registered mobile number.

If it is correct then press ‘Yes’ button and then you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the same mobile number as a part of verification process. If the displayed mobile number is wrong then press ‘No’ and enter your correct mobile number and press ‘Submit’ button. You will then receive OTP on your mobile number.

The OTP will be needed to proceed further and you have to enter the OTP in the next field to get access to the electronic version of your Aadhaar letter or Aadhar card.

After that, you will be provided with a link to download your e-Aadhaar letter (in PDF format) and to open it you will need to enter your ‘Pincode’ as the password.

 By phone number

You can check by Uidai Tollfree Number  1800-300-1947.

Just call the UIDAI helpdesk contact, Follow the IVR Enter your Aadhaar details to track.


Check Status By Aadhaar Mobile App

Visit the Uidai.gov.in There is a Link to Google Play Store to download Uidai Official App. Uidai Resident Portal Services Available on Mini Android Aadhaar App. you can download install it on your Phone. keep tracking Aadhaar status, Aadhaar Update status, And download Your Aadhaar card whenever you want.Check Aadhar card Enrolment status at Uidai gov in portal here.


Eadhar status By SMS

Now you can check by SMS too. All you have to do is just type a text message from your uidai registered mobile number. you can send  SMS by any other number by EID.

UID STATUS 14 digit Enrollment number SMS to 51969.

Example: UID STATUS 10002000030000

What is EID Enrollment ID Number?

EID Is an  Registration Number further it indicates 4 +details

  1. 1st  4 digits  Enrollment Agency Code.
  2. 2nd 5 Digits enrollment machine  Laptop ID.
  3. 3rd 5 digits Enrollment Numbers start from 00001 from the same machine.
  4. 4th and 5 digits are Date & Time of the Enrollment Date.

EID Enrollment ID Number example:

1000/ 20000/30000  12/12/2020/ 12:12:12 Date/Time (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

for sms we have to enter without any slashes and collons.


By Name Date of Birth

you may already have tried to check status by Name and DOB. Like pan card status. Especially people from UP, Assam, Bihar, AP, Telangana Doing this search. but for security Reasons and Avoid identity theft online, Uidai disabled that.

you can still get Aadhaar details by name and Date of birth like voter list in India. A registered Email ID or Mobile Number required along with Name as On UIDAI.

Aadhaar card Status by Name and DOB Maybe Available in future.


Aadhar Card Update Status Procedure

  • Follow the given steps to apply for correction/change/update.
  • Go to the link for changing details.
  • Next, enter your Aadhar card number and registered mobile number.
  • You will get the one-time password (OTP) and enter the received OTP on the screen.
  • Enter the captcha code and submit it.
  • On the” data update request tab” then enter details that you need to you change or correction.
  • Update soft copies of the supporting documents for change or update details.
  • You will be given URN number, which is essential for checking change or update details of Aadhar card. So must keep URN number carefully.

Steps to check Aadhar update status

Once you have applied for the correction or change or updated details. you need to check the details by Following steps.

  • You need to enter details about you to check update status.
  • Next, you enter 12 digits Aadhar card number which card you applied.
  • And then enter URN number, this number is given to you when you apply for
  • the update.Finally, click on “get update status”.
  • You will get updated status on the screen. checkout the more detailed instructions about Aadhaar card update status.

What kind of details will change

The online portal through SSUP enables change following details only.

  1. Date of birth (DOB).
  2. Address.
  3. Name.
  4. Mobile number (Registered with your UIDAI).

Documents required for updating/correction

  • Aadhar number
  • Mobile number (which is linked to your aadhar ).
  • Required documents for supporting correction. For example, you have corrected your name after marriage, you must submit wedding registration certificates.
  • And also Update the name, Address, Date of birth with particular proofs.

Why Adhar card Rejected?

If the status is Rejected, the following reasons are may found.

  1. Incorrect details submitted.
  2. Inadequate documents submitted.
  3. Human error when filling the request form.

Check out Aadhaar Card Update Status.

Know Aadhaar NO without Acknowledgement details:

If you can’t remember your enrolment details and lost your acknowledgment details slip. And also check with following steps.

  • First, visit the official website.
  • Scroll down the Aadhaar service link towards the bottom of the screen and click on it.
  • If you want your enrollment number then choose enrollment(EID) option.
  • Enter the name & Email Id and Phone number.
  • Enter the security code displayed on the bottom.
  • You can click on GET OTP button.
  • Once you receive OTP in your mobile and enter the enter the OTP  code space.
  • Click the OTP verified button.
  • You will receive enrollment number on your phone or e-mail id.Then track with EID.


 correction status

  • how to correct Name or date of birth once you enrolled for aadhaar number?
  • Answer: you can correct the details like Address, date of birth, Name through online using uidai aadhaar correction portal.
  • once you changed the details you have to provide proof for you are submitted as a hard copy.example if you want to change your Date of birth then attach the proof for it. (proof must be approved local government documents like pan card,ssc memo, voter id, ration card passport and other etc.)
  • Sending documents to include offline by post to Bangalore CIDR, or uploading .
  • Toll-free Phone: 1 800 180-1947
  • Email Address: [email protected]Locate UIDAI Regional Office in your city.

E Bharat gas seeding status  https://www.ebharatgas.com/ebgas/faces/CC_include/ConsumerAadhaarStatus.jsp

enquiry phone number

Two ways By SMS

UID STATUS  Space <14 digits enrollment id> TO 51969.

EX: UID STATUS  0017/0786/12200/12345 and click SEND to aadhaar SMS service.

Know Aahaar Status by TOll-free calling

call the Uidai Tollfree Number 1800-300-1947.

Once Aadhar executive call asks your Enrollment Number. just enter in mobile number/ and you will get status in a couple of minutes.The Best way is, go to Any e KYC center or nearest center capture your fingerprint to get the details by thumbprint.But this may not works due to missing of demographic data.


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