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For downloading adhaar card you need Enrollment number or Aadhaar number. If you don’t have Enrollment number then use UID number to download your duplicate card, if your card is in inactive status, you have to re-enroll yourself by visiting nearest enrolment center. What if someone is trying to download your adhaar card based on your submitted duplicate Xerox copy somewhere?

Download e Aadhar card online @ UID

what if your mobile number lost/ or not given at the time of enrollment.  How can you download your aadhar card without a phone number?
If you did not give at the time of enrollment it’s ok you can download with another phone number.
If your old mobile number already registered with E aadhaar and it not available for some reasons. How can you download the aadhaar?

How to download aadhar card?

  1. Just visit the uidia.net or uidai.gov.in download portal. You can download by EID (enrollment number or aadhaar number)
  2. Name as appeared as Enrollment slip
  3. Phone Number
  4. Pincode
  5. verification code.
  6. One-time password sent to your mobile.
  7. And validate by adding the digital signature to trusted certificates.
For downloading UID card visit https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

Aadhar card download by Aadhaar Number

this is the preferable way, hence you can save aadhar number on the phone. Download anytime anywhere online. You can also keep uid card in the email inbox.
  1. You could download your E Aadhar card by Aadhaar Number in case if you don’t have EID Number.
  2. All you have To enter the Mobile number, which is mentioned while registering at enrollment.
  3. Pincode Number & Sure verification code and Click on GET OTP your Mobile.
  4. Enter the OTP, 
  5. Download the adhaar card and Enter your area pin code to open it.
  6. Verify by installing Security Certificate to Adobe Reader.
  7. Finally, take printout. Or save on PC and attach your email address.

forgot your adhaar number get it with EID, from here https://resident.uidai.net.in/

Download by Enrolment number (EID)

 Download the UId id by using Enrolment ID if you have registration slip. The downloading process by using Enrolment number(EID) follows below.
  1. Firstly, you have to enter enrollment number and date and time on enrollment slip when you registered. Example: 2345/67890/12345 and dd/mm/yy yy.
  2.  Enter your full name like on your enrollment slip.
  3. Next, enter your area PINCODE number.
  4. Enter your registered mobile number for one-time password (OTP). And enter OTP then get your card print for use.
    If you are looking for correct your details then go for  Aadhar update.

Aadhar card download by name and Date of birth

you may Already know about, how to download the aadhar by using enrollment number (EID) and UID. Here we are looking for download by using name and date of birth. To get the aadhar by using of Date of birth on online, You must already be registered your date of birth at the time enrollment.  Some security problems are there to download only through the Date of birth and name. And here also we need registered mobile number to download the Unique identification number(adhar).

at least email or Mobile number required to support name and date of birth approaches.

e Aadhar

Forgot Aadhaar or EID Number, you can get at https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid

resident have to select  Aadhaar number or EID. must provide the following details

  1. Name,
  2. Email
  3. Mobile  (verify with OTP).


Note: You cannot download aadhar  With Name & date of Birth {But these helps to retrieve aadhaar / EID to download aadhaar}

The different processes there to download eaadhaar using the name and date birth. Mostly poor people to get the GAS subsidy from government linking of aadhaar number to the bank account is essential. When you lose your registered mobile number, then various processes are available to download adhar card using of name and date of birth.

To download aadhaar card by using of adhar number, enrollment number (EID), name and date of birth visit and download Uid card: www.uidai.gov.in

E Aadhar card Download without the phone number

This cause misuse of eaadhaar and online identity theft open lot of doors to the security threats. Only residents can download eaadhaar card one scenario with any mobile number. If the resident was not included the mobile number in KYC data during enrollment, then follow below steps.

  1. Then visit the Aeaadhaar.gov.in
  2. enter the UID number or registration number.
  3. Then eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in asks you enter the mobile number. (if the mobile number already linked with aadhaar) OTP Automatically sent to the registered mobile number.
  4. Enter any Mobile number available to receive OTP or an SMS. {if not registered early}
  5. Then enter the OTP and process the download.

 for lost mobile Number

You cannot download without the phone number, however, some cases with email id, first st update mobile number. In this case just opt for Update mobile by the update by post, enrollment center or online. If you re-enrolled for aadhaar, maybe your application will be rejected, due to old details already approved by uidai.

e aadhar card services overview

  1. Adhar correction (father name change, Date of Birth and Address change etc)
  2. Update Mobile on E adhaar Portal.
  3. Check Aadhar correction status
  4.  seeding (PAN, bank, Gsa, Voter ID, passport, ration card etc).
  5. Adhar payments App UPI.
  6. application form/appointment
  7. centers toll-free helpline.

how to download adhar card without enrollment number?

Then use aadhar Number to download. Only Adhar card download possible with enrolment number or Adhaar Number.

how to download adhar card without mobile number and email?

  1. visit Uidai.gov.in E adhar official portal.
  2. click on Get Lost UID & EID.
  3. Enter Your Name, Email and Mobile Number This helps to get you adhar or enrollment id back.

You can also get aadhar Number on mobile by providing Enrollment ID & Mobile Number.

Visit Nearest center and Authenticate Biometrics to get aadhar number back.

Top 3 ways to get lost Aadhaar

  1. downloading Online at Uidai.gov.in with Adhar Number or Enrollment Acknowledgement Number.
  2. Requesting UIdai CIDR Bangalore for resending Adhar card. (They do if it is in the database if it is aadhaar data you can download directly at Meeseva or online). UIdai not sending Adhaar cards by Posts right now.
  3. Visit Nearest Aadhaar center opt for  Update or fresh enrollment if rejected early.


How open E Aadhaar card (password)?

Earlier it’s your Area Pincode But Now uidai updated some security Rules.

Now You can enter Fist 4 letters of YourName and Year of DOB In in YYYY. format.

Ex: shown in above Image if your name & DOB is, let’s say

Name=”Narendra Modi”;

Date of Birth 1/1/2017.

The password should be nare2017


How to Validate E aadhar?


right click on unknown>>validate>>view certifcate>> verify it signed by Uidai or NIC>> and click on Add to trusted certifcates>>

confirm the same. Then you will See Right mark instead of Unknown validity.

Adhar update online.

Aadhaar official website

Adhaar status

E Aadhaar download

Adhaar correction form pdf

Aaadhaar application form English

Aadhaar form Hindi

If you any queries, then discuss below with other users.

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